Through its founder, Bendavid Law has provided business, real estate, commercial and gaming legal services to business entities and individuals for over the last 22 years. The Firm was derived from its beginnings, starting with its association with Moran, then co-founding MBBM Law firm in 2006. Throughout the years, Bendavid Law’s founder, Jeffery Bendavid, has built its long respected reputation in zealously representing its clients in both business and real estate transactions, as well as extensive commercial litigation.

Bendavid Law has earned the respect of both the legal community and the business community in Nevada as well as the entire Country. The Firm is deeply rooted in Nevada’s legal and business communities. The attorneys at Bendavid Law, are hands on, in all levels of business and real estate transaction, as well as litigating for all sizes of business and commercial litigation. For the last 22 years, Bendavid Law has enjoyed a highly successful class action defense practice, representing all types of large publicly held to privately held companies, as well as fortune 500 companies in assisting, and delivering the results and legal representations needed.

At Bendavid Law the needs of the clients will always come first and our goal is to provide the best professional services to our clients. In order to achieve that goal, Bendavid Law’s teams work cooperatively, by always delivering results, at a value and effectiveness as no other. We are committed to providing our clients with the utmost level of professional representation. At Bendavid Law, we continue to represent our clients in all facets of business, real estate, commercial litigation, and all general business and gaming administrative needs. Bendavid Law is dedicated to aggressively representing the interests and goals of our clients. Our years of success is simple, always provide the most desired, successful and efficient representation for our clients. We make our clients’ goals come first.

    7301 Peak Drive
    Suite 150
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

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