Business Law

Bendavid Law works to help its clients achieve all their strategic goals in their markets. We work with leading clients in wide range of industries to complete difficult business objectives. Our work is designed to assist in all areas of business law and help lead our clients to achieve their business goals.


At Bendavid Law, our attorneys continuously negotiate and draft large and small complex contracts for our commercial and private clients. We have a wide range of contract work involving large scale merger and acquisitions, real estate sales agreements, company formations, sales, commercial leases, and a complete background and experience for all industries.


Bendavid Law’s Corporate and Transactional practice helps our clients achieve their strategic goals, by either acquiring businesses or real estate, or handling large scale sales with companies across the Country. Our Firm works closely with our clients in wide range of industries to complete challenging mergers, acquisitions, navigate corporate issues, develop simple and complicated deal structures that provides the most benefit to our clients.

Business Entity Formation and Strategies

Bendavid Law’s practice in business formation and strategies helps our clients achieve their transactional goals. We work closely with our clients in order to form the best strategies and structures of their company. At Bendavid Law, we address all matters relating to the formation of business, from small to large corporations, to limited liabilities companies and limited partnerships, to privately held family partnerships. Out team provides structured advice in all areas of business, from private companies, to large publicly held companies. Our years of experience, knowledge and application, offers our clients the best representation for their desired goals.

Business and Commercial Litigation

At Bendavid Law, we help businesses across a wide range of industries, address and solve their most important business disputes. Our goal is always to find the best avenue or solution for our clients. Based on our years of understanding the needs of businesses, we put the solutions first. As a result of our effective and aggressive abilities, our client’s goals are obtained. We always start by positioning a case strategically to achieve the desired success. We are continuously brought in by businesses to resolve and find the best result for complex business disputes. Regardless of the size or action needed, our clients have trusted us with their most important and sensitive matters. With that trust, we have continued to represent our clients in all levels of disputes.

Complex Civil Litigation

Bendavid Law’s teams are respected and trusted by not only its clients, but its peers in the legal community. We have built our reputation on a long record of delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our goal is to zealously represent and guide our clients through cases. At Bendavid Law, we strongly represent our clients throughout the litigation process, from motion practice, mediations, settlement negotiations, trial, and appeals. We routinely represent our clients in all facets of litigation, from business dispute litigation, to complex civil litigation. Our clients have always trusted us to defend their interest. That is because our clients know that we never lose sight of our client’s goals. Our efficient and effective advocacy practice has proven to resolve major cases before ever getting to trial. Putting our client’s best interest first.

Class Action Litigation

At Bendavid Law, we have years of strong experience helping a wide range of businesses facing class actions. For over the last 22 years, we have successfully represented companies in class action cases ranging from consumer action, casino hotel industry, employment actions, and regulatory companies. Our clients across the Country have successfully trusted us in their class action cases. We understand the magnitude of such cases and ensure that our clients are represented effectively and achieve their strategic goal.

Real Estate Acquisition, Sales and Finance

At Bendavid Law, we have continuously represented our clients in a wide range of real estate matters. We represent our clients in all areas of acquisitions and sales of real estate assets, from large commercial land, developing strategies for the benefit of major developers, office and retail centers, hotel casinos, apartment buildings, industrial land for all type of uses, to office parks. In addition to representing our clients in acquiring or selling real estate, we have substantial practice in successfully completing all types and sizes of commercial leasing transactions, from office to retail. We also represent our clients in their land use entitlement needs. We assist our clients in developing all necessary land use requirements to achieve the desired use. For years, we have successfully represented our clients in obtaining needed entitlements for all types of developments. At Bendavid Law, we represent our clients in all their finance needs. We handle all types of finance structuring, negotiating with national and international lenders, regarding all ranges of debt and equity financing transactions involving first party lenders, preferred equity, participating and convertible loans, conduit loans, and construction loans. We have excellent and respected relationships with many lenders and have successfully negotiated all types of financing for our clients.

Real Estate Litigation

At Bendavid Law, we handle all size litigation disputes, from large commercial real estate matters, to real estate investment litigation. The Firm represents its clients in all facets of real estate litigation.

Commercial Foreclosure

At Bendavid Law, we have successfully represented lenders and borrowers in commercial foreclosure matters. Our practice includes, both lender and borrower workouts, restructuring of debt, loan modifications, and complex large negotiations with multiple lenders and borrowers. We understand the stakes involved with lenders and borrowers and work hard to ensure our clients’ interest are protected.


Bendavid Law understands the ever-changing world of the financial markets, and thus the needs of our clients. Our experience in representing banks, financial investors and sophisticated companies, helps us identify risks and opportunities needed for our clients. Our clients are regularly in need of a wide range of bank finance transactions, to structure investments in industries and banks. We help or clients achieve these goals.

Gaming and Regulatory Law

At Bendavid Law, we represent a wide array of gaming clients from large publicly held gaming corporations, to small entrepreneurial ventures, to privately held companies, to individuals. As gaming grows, Nevada has always shown its leadership in the gaming industry. We work closely with Nevada regulatory gaming industry and our experience and knowledge, helps our clients achieve their strategic goals. We represent all sizes of gaming operators in all facets of their businesses. With years of experience representing all sizes of gaming companies, our Team advises clients on licensing, regulatory compliance, labor and employment issues. We represent our clients on complex gaming matters, including complicated licensing, zoning and all types of regulatory work. We are well positioned and experienced to represent the needs of all our gaming clients.

Auto Industry

At Bendavid Law, we have represented national and international major auto dealers. Our Team closely represents our auto dealer clients in all areas, from transactional, regulatory work, licensing, small and large complex civil litigation, and manufacture negotiations. We have for more than 20 years, successfully represented auto dealers in all their needs. That is why our auto dealer clients put their trust in us, we put their goals first.

Governmental and Legislative Affairs, Local Governmental Regulation

At Bendavid Law, we understand the need to adapt to our local and global economy. That is why our Team helps our clients navigate the legal issues that exist in business. We have extensive and longstanding relationships to the government, with insight into the political trends, policymaking agendas, and numerous local government regulations. Our strong relationships in local and state governments, assist us in representing our clients no matter what the need.

Liquor and Privileged Licensing

At Bendavid Law, we represent a wide array of clients from small and large companies, to individuals in all levels of licensing. Our Team works closely with our clients to obtain all needed licensing for all types of ventures. From liquor and gaming, we ensure our clients achieve their licensing needs. We represent all industries in licensing from casinos, nightlife, taverns, and sports wagering. Our clients trust us in achieving all their licensing strategies and goals.

Employment Law

Bendavid Law’s Team works with our clients to develop employment plans and structures for their companies. Our Firm assists clients confront all issues our clients may encounter as employers. By structuring our clients’ needs, we ensure our clients have the proper non-compete agreements, employment agreements, pay structures and related regulatory compliance needed for their industries. At Bendavid Law, we represent our clients’ needs by representing issues with non-compete agreements, negative covenant litigation, wage and hour class actions, discrimination and wrongful discharge claims. Our Team continuously worked for years on creating employment structures, and when needed, litigating actions from small employment actions, to large class actions over wage and hour, employee discrimination, and independent contractor status litigation. Our Firm represents our clients in employment litigation, whether brought by single plaintiffs, multiple plaintiffs, and massive purported class actions. We have successfully represented our clients’ interest in all such matters, including winning dismissals, summary judgments, as well as defeating motions for class certification. By working closely with our clients, we are able to quickly and successfully represent their interests in matters dealing with unlawful competition, trade secret misappropriation, and covenants not to compete. Our Firm works with our clients to build effective labor structures that best suits their industry. We provide a specific structure regarding personnel decisions, employment agreements, policies and procedures, as well as need future planning.

Marijuana Law and Regulatory Transactions

At Bendavid Law, we represent businesses at every level of the cannabis industry. We represent all members of the cannabis industry, from recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, to recreational and medical marijuana cultivation, production and distribution companies. Our Firm has continuously represented businesses in Nevada’s cannabis industry from the start. From the onset of Nevada’s approval of medical marijuana licenses, to eventually approving recreational marijuana sales and distribution in Nevada, we have successfully represented applicants applying for Nevada’s restricted certificates to operate both dispensaries and cultivation and production facilities. We assist our clients in the cannabis industry with understanding and assessing the state’s regulatory framework, represent and assist in the application process to obtain the necessary licenses to operate recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation and production facilities. We work closely with our clients to obtain, then maintain their licenses, in all areas, including regulatory compliance, labor issues, non-compete issues, and expanding their businesses. Bendavid Law’s Team works closely with its clients to obtain the necessary applications for licenses, both at the state level and the local government level to operate the necessary facilities. We also represent our clients in commercial litigation, from regulatory litigation to enforce our clients’ rights; to aggressively defending our clients’ licenses, negotiating and structuring investments in cannabis industry, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. Our Firm also assists clients on identifying possible acquisition targets, assists in the necessary due diligence, and represents our clients with the necessary state regulatory issues, day-to-day regulatory advice, labor and employment related issues in the cannabis industry, and related contract needs, all to assist our clients to achieve highly successful cannabis companies.

Appellate Practice

Bendavid Law has routinely represented clients in appellate practice. Our Team has assisted clients at all levels of the judiciary, federal and state. Our Team represents our clients in a wide array of cases to the appellate courts. Our Firm spends time with clients to first strategize and work closely with our clients to shape and structure a case properly, long before it may end up in the Supreme Court. Our goal is always to advise and assist our clients to determine the most effective and efficient result, which could be successfully negotiating a litigated case, or arguing to the Supreme Court. We take the time necessary to assist our clients to achieve the best outcome. Whatever the level of appellate courts, our Team ensures that our clients are provided aggressive and zealous arguments, or creative solutions to best and efficiently meet our clients’ goals.

Entertainment Law

At Bendavid Law, we assist our clients in their entertainment needs. Our Firm assists clients in extensive negotiations, legal understandings of the desired industry, and work closely with our clients through whatever regulatory compliance is needed. Our representation spans from multi-state to single venue night life companies, negotiating their contracts with venues, employees, contractors, and obtaining the necessary regulatory compliance and licenses necessary to operate in both liquor establishments, and liquor and gaming establishments. We successfully represent our clients’ needs in private equity investments, to large scale groups investments in entertainment. Our Team represents our clients’ needs and assists them in obtaining their entertainment industry goals.

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