Marijuana Law and Regulatory Transactions

At Bendavid Law, we represent businesses at every level of the cannabis industry. We represent all members of the cannabis industry, from recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, to recreational and medical marijuana cultivation, production and distribution companies. Our Firm has continuously represented businesses in Nevada’s cannabis industry from the start. From the onset of Nevada’s approval of medical marijuana licenses, to eventually approving recreational marijuana sales and distribution in Nevada, we have successfully represented applicants applying for Nevada’s restricted certificates to operate both dispensaries and cultivation and production facilities. We assist our clients in the cannabis industry with understanding and assessing the state’s regulatory framework, represent and assist in the application process to obtain the necessary licenses to operate recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation and production facilities. We work closely with our clients to obtain, then maintain their licenses, in all areas, including regulatory compliance, labor issues, non-compete issues, and expanding their businesses. Bendavid Law’s Team works closely with its clients to obtain the necessary applications for licenses, both at the state level and the local government level to operate the necessary facilities. We also represent our clients in commercial litigation, from regulatory litigation to enforce our clients’ rights; to aggressively defending our clients’ licenses, negotiating and structuring investments in cannabis industry, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. Our Firm also assists clients on identifying possible acquisition targets, assists in the necessary due diligence, and represents our clients with the necessary state regulatory issues, day-to-day regulatory advice, labor and employment related issues in the cannabis industry, and related contract needs, all to assist our clients to achieve highly successful cannabis companies.

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