Real Estate Acquisition, Sales and Finance

At Bendavid Law, we have continuously represented our clients in a wide range of real estate matters. We represent our clients in all areas of acquisitions and sales of real estate assets, from large commercial land, developing strategies for the benefit of major developers, office and retail centers, hotel casinos, apartment buildings, industrial land for all type of uses, to office parks. In addition to representing our clients in acquiring or selling real estate, we have substantial practice in successfully completing all types and sizes of commercial leasing transactions, from office to retail. We also represent our clients in their land use entitlement needs. We assist our clients in developing all necessary land use requirements to achieve the desired use. For years, we have successfully represented our clients in obtaining needed entitlements for all types of developments. At Bendavid Law, we represent our clients in all their finance needs. We handle all types of finance structuring, negotiating with national and international lenders, regarding all ranges of debt and equity financing transactions involving first party lenders, preferred equity, participating and convertible loans, conduit loans, and construction loans. We have excellent and respected relationships with many lenders and have successfully negotiated all types of financing for our clients.

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